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Mon, Jun 7, 2021 6:02 PM

New Subscription Options Bring More for Everyone

Hi everyone,

We're thrilled to announce some changes to our service plan options that will give all SimpliSafe customers the ability to use our SimpliSafe mobile app regardless of the plan you're subscribed to. This is a major change that has been in the works for a while, and is one of our most requested features - so we know a lot of you will be excited!

Before we get any further, it's important to know that for most subscribers, who are on the $24.99 Interactive Monitoring Plan, these changes will not impact you in any way: you will still have the best-in-class monitoring services with complete access to our app and all advanced features.

Our Interactive Monitoring Plan is so popular because it provides the highest level of protection and customization, with features like 24/7 professional monitoring, faster police dispatch (thanks to video verification), fire and medical dispatch, video recordings, cellular back-up, smart home integrations, and more.

Now, onto the new news:

  • Rolling out over the next few days, all customers with the latest generation SimpliSafe will be able to use the smartphone app or your online account for functions like remote arm/disarm, camera live view, and system/device settings.
  • We're also introducing a new service plan focused on camera recordings for customers who primarily want to self-monitor - while also having remote access to control your system from our app or webapp, and view/manage recorded video.
  • For those that are primarily interested in our professional monitoring, we'll still have our Standard Monitoring Plan as well!

New Plans, more options

To keep things clear, here's a quick breakdown of how all of the plans now compare by major features.

  No Monitoring $9.99
with Camera Recording
Standard Monitoring
Interactive Monitoring
24/7 Police Dispatch
24/7 Fire & Medical Dispatch
Base Station cellular backup
Arm/Disarm Remotely
Timeline event log
Unlimited Camera Recordings
Video Verification
Smart Home Integrations
(Google, Alexa)

For an even more in-depth breakdown, check out our Help Center page here.

I'm already subscribed. What's happening to my plan?

You'll only notice a change to your service if you previously did not have access to app controls and notifications. For example, if you're on the $14.99 Standard Plan, you'll get access to those features, and will be able to set them up through the SimpliSafe app. Just make sure you're updated to the latest version of the app, and you're good to go.

I'm not yet subscribed. How do I activate App Control?

App control features are totally opt-in, so you can decide if it's right for you. You will also need to connect your system to the app, so if you have the latest-gen SimpliSafe (that would be Gen 3, released in January 2018), you'll want to connect your system to WiFi as part of the process. Once you're ready, follow these instructions to get started.

I have a previous-gen SimpliSafe system. Can I also access the app now?

For those with a Gen 2 system, unfortunately you'll need to have at least the Standard Monitoring Plan active, as that enables the built-in cellular connection - which is the only way to link your system to the app. Or if you're ready, you can give our Sales team a call at 800-548-9508 to talk about our Upgrade Trade-Up options to get you upgraded to a Gen 3 system. If you're already subscribed, you will automatically be able to control your system and use other advanced features either in the app or your online account.

What about customers in the United Kingdom?

For now, these changes are only rolling out to US-based customers. We're working on bringing similar changes to UK Monitoring Plans at a later date.

Feedback Welcome!

As always, we continue to work hard to make SimpliSafe the best security system on the market. Your comments and suggestions are a big part of that. The features in this update came from feedback from customers like you, so keep 'em coming!

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10 m ago

@davey_d These changes were made over 6 months ago. I purchased this product in the UK however note that we are still required to pay for expensive subscriptions just to access app control/notifications. This is unfortunate and places the device behind others on the market. I'll probably need to look at changing services next year as it isn't currently viable for my requirements.

Please could you confirm whether there has been any progress on 'bringing similar changes' to the UK and when the later date you mentioned could be? It would enable me to keep the system so I'm hoping this could be sometime foreseeably rather than the distant future. It's a shame because SimpliSafe is a lovely system, but I do think this particular aspect is a big let down.

Thank you!



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10 m ago

A fair request, even just to get a time estimate, which Simplisafe  should be able to provide.

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@captain11 Exactly - the messages are mixed with the UK support team stating the following to me by email -

‘Thank you for getting back to me. That thread is from the US market, those plans are not applicable in the UK sadly.’

I would obviously be most disappointed if this did turn out to be the case but mixed messages - so I think some clarity for UK users would be beneficial.

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@MrJosh@davey_d - just wondering if it’d be possible to get an update on the above query? Thank you

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Hi @MrJosh, apologies for the delay. We are always looking at ways we can develop and keeping our customers happy and safe is our number one priority. We understand your frustrations regarding the app access, but at the moment we unfortunately don't have a timeframe on when this will be available to UK customers. We do take all feedback onboard and will pass this onto the relevant team to look into. Thanks, Natalie

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Thanks @Natalie90 and I appreciate your reply. My issue is stemming from the fact that I have been told by UK support that there are no plans to do this foreseeably, which conflicts with the last line of the message implying this will be happening.

I do begrudgingly accept your comment that no timescales are available, but again this still implies there will be a change in the future. Can we at least have confirmation that this will, at some point, be implemented in the future as stated in the article and in contravention with what I have been told by the UK support team?

I appreciate this may seem like a minor/moot point, but this has a significant bearing on people continuing to use, and indeed purchasing the Simplisafe system. A quick look at the Q&A and reviews of the SimpliSafe products on UK Amazon will confirm this. Knowing with confidence whether this is a speculative feature that 'may or may not' happen vs confirming so will have an impact on purchasing decisions.


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Hi @MrJosh, we are unable to share any more detail at this time re. plan changes. Apologies we can’t help any further with this and we do understand your frustrations. If anything changes we'll be sure to let you know. Thanks, Natalie