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Thu, Mar 24, 2022 3:28 AM

AI in Cameras: Introducing Mr. Nate Wilfert, VP of Software Engineering that is working with his team to make it happen

Many of us customers like our doorbell, indoor and outdoor cameras, but, alas, we always want more. I for one would love to have a 100% accurate camera with matching software to only show me when a bad guy (or woman) is on my property ready to do wrong to my property or my family.  The article that is linked below, while a "sponsored article" (I interpret that as almost like an ad) it does hold out hope that Mr. Wilfert and his team may actually deliver what the article contains.

For the SS mgt team, would love to see Nate available for an online, interactive webinar.  I am confident many, many customers would be interested in participating!

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