Thu, Jan 16, 2020 4:48 PM

30% off individual components

Just received an email from SS offering 30% off additional components.  Nice way to start the new year SS.  Thank you.

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It must really suck to work for Simplisafe customer service.  I think about how angry I have been, trying to get in touch with them and constantly getting disconnected after waiting a ridiculous amount of time.  I never take it out on customer service but I will be honest with them and tell them that waiting as long as we have to wait and being hung up on is ridiculous.  I'd imagine that they spend the entire day dealing with rightfully angry customers who aren't very kind or considerate toward them.  Yup.  It must really suck to work for this company.

They know about the problems and have shown no inclination to fix them.  I wonder how much longer this will even be a viable company.  You can't go on treating customers like this forever.  Eventually word gets out to a broader audience.  When this happens, existing customers flee and the company is much less likely to make up the loss.