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Additional App users

Is it possible to set up additional users with the iPhone app?  I'd really like my wife to be able to arm/disarm from her phone.  I know I could just download the app and have her log in as me, but I am hoping for a better way.

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Multiple Users

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Il y a 3 y

All users on a given account share the same login and have the same level of access.

That has been longstanding request to address but it is what it is today, and there has been no word from SS that it will ever change.

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Il y a 3 y

Well, I suppose I won't even mention to her that it can be done.  What she doesn't know.....

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Il y a 10 m

I would like to see this, too, @SimplisafeSupport

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Il y a 10 m

Well can’t believe after all these years theystill haven’t figured out how to do this. Almost every competitive app handles this quite easily. You invite users from the app. They respond with their email address.  You verify the email and allow them to create an account that has access to the same devices in the home. Some apps even allowed you to restrict which devices they have access to. See Ring as an example.

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Il y a 9 m

Is there a big thread with this request? My wife and I both use the app (with my login credentials), but she doesn’t have my password manager and can’t verify the login without my phone. 

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wow it is not about figuring it out!  App designers do this all the time in many different SaaS offerings it about simplisafe upper management not listening to the customers  needs.  It sounds like they are resting on their laurels and taking profit for as long as they can till changes happen in the market making them take notice to their customers needs.  Look how long Cameras took. That was not till the market said you are falling behind and your user count is going down affecting your profit margins to Ring. This might sound curt however it is not a technology limitation it management forward thinking limitation. It will crush them like SEAR'S with their craftsman line when your system needs an upgrade and you pick an offering that better suits your needs.