Wed, Mar 4, 2020 7:49 PM

after a year of having it....

I am currently a SimpliSafe customer for over a year now. I have been having issues with my system since I received it. I have called multiple times to customer support, and they were trying to help find a solution to the problem, but nothing worked. I tried moving my modum, bought a stronger modum, updated my internet, moved the Simplisafe base around, purchased an extender, had new cameras sent out. I still do not have my cameras connecting to the internet, always a lost connection, or lagging. My base always is telling me there is wireless interference. I need some help to this issue, due to spending so much money on a system that hardly works, and there is always a problem.



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@lobozpawel tackle the base issue first, put the cameras on the back burner for now.  Please confirm SS3 or 2, and then exactly where you have your base, and in what conditions. For example:

SS3 in back bedroom upstairs on wooden chest of drawers, no electrical devices near it, about 10 feet from window, apprx 6 feet off floor.

Any connectivity issues with your cell connection? What SIM do you have?