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Mon, May 23, 2022 12:17 PM

Android battery draining

The simplisafe app is heavily draining the battery of my galaxy s22 plus. Is this a common occurrence? 



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Il y a 2 m

@christinah717 short answer, no, at least not on my Pixel 4a.  I do experience the occasional "rogue" app that was working fine for months and then all of a sudden start eating my battery for lunch.  To address this, I go to settings, apps and then "force stop" the app. Then clear out cache and then restart the phone. Most of the time this will address the issue and life goes on.  Suggest you try it, if no help try a complete uninstall and reinstall.

Finally, call SS support to troubleshoot.

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@captain11​ I did all of the above to no avail. It apparently seems to be just a poor compatibility with Samsung galaxy

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Il y a 2 m

Unfortunately it did the same thing on my galaxy s20 plus (got a new phone about 3 months after getting simplisafe) 

It just doesn't seem to be strongly compatible with the galaxy OS or something

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Il y a 2 m

Hi @christinah717 ,

How are you determining that it's the SimpliSafe app that is the culprit? The Battery Usage section in your phone's Settings?

It would also be helpful to know what version of the SimpliSafe app is currently installed - that can help our dev team investigate.

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Il y a 5 h

I am having similar issues with my Galaxy s10e. My phone's battery settings recommend putting Simplisafe app in deep sleep mode to prevent excessive battery use, however this turns off notifications. 

Android 12

Samsung One UI version 4.1

Simplisafe version 4.44.0

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Il y a 1 h

Yeah, I use my system to monitor a family member with dementia so I can not shut notifications off, they are the entire reason I have the system. It's really a pain, I might switch to blink or another system. I have three cameras (well I have 4 bur one won't connect even though it's not a bandwidth or signal issue) and sometimes the app lags for minutes.