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Sun, Dec 26, 2021 1:08 PM

App functionality using self monitoring?

was told by a customer rep that I can activate my free month monitoring and if I decide that I do not want to continue with that I can cancel and continue with “basic app services”. This includes push alerts, remote arm/disarm system, alarm triggers by any of your sensors including water, smoke and CO sensors as well as error conditions. You MUST activate monitoring when you install system first. Is this accurate?

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7 m ago

Hi jrc645,

Technically no, you can refuse the free month during activation. That will allow you to set up Basic App Controls right away. We'd still recommend the free trial, so you can see the full capabilities of your system - including 24/7 dispatch, cellular backup, and unlimited video recordings for all your cameras.

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6 m ago

What functionality would I have with self monitoring?

Alerts of alarm to my phone?

Ability to view live feed from doorbell cam?

Notification from doorbell cam?

Thanks, M

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Hi M,


Yes, without a subscription, you'll still be able to connect your system to the SimpliSafe app for basic app controls - including arming and disarming remotely, control of all your system settings, Push Notifications, and livestreaming of all your cameras.


But we really recommend the Interactive Monitoring Plan, which gets you 24/7 live dispatch (with human operators), cellular backup communication, unlimited video recordings, and more for just $27.99/mo.


For more info about our plans, have a look at our Help Center article here.