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Thu, Aug 11, 2022 4:53 PM


Are people getting logged out of their app?

I'm getting logged out of my app frequently right now. Are others facing this issue?

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iOS App Keeps Logging Us Off regularly



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@eazyeazy In my experience, my wife's and, checking with my daughter with her system and my two brother-in-laws with their systems, and three friends with their systems....no.  

For specifics, my wife and I have Pixel 6a's, Android 12.  You may want to call SS support and ask if they have reports with this issue.


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Yes. It’s never happened before but now it happens every time I open the app and I have to go through the verification. Then I shut down the app and reopen and it does it again. Frustrated with this now. 

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@eazyeazy and @MsSatfield ,

What device are you using, and what operating system version? It would also be helpful to know the version of the SimpliSafe app, and/or if you've updated recently.

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same here. iOS15. Constantly logging out, very frustrating. Started a month ago or so. 



Same problem here seem to log me out everyday, it is bloody annoying to be honest and render the app almost useless. I use the app daily rather than keypad and every day I have to log back in and sometimes multiple time a day.

I can not activate multi factor authentication as I do not live in Canada, US or UK. I am paying the premium subscription as this is the only way I can monitor my alarm remotely and activate / de-activate it  via the app.

Device: iphone 8, iOS 15.6.1  , simplisafe app Version 2078.41.0

Definitely sounds like a token expiring to me, now happy to set 2fa but can we have support of MFA devices or at least do it by email via a code ?


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