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Sun, Sep 5, 2021 10:50 PM

Are the cameras actually designed to allow for recording and live viewing at the same time or no?

I (and many others, judging by forum and reddit posts) seem to have real issues where if we view a camera while it's recording, the recording is either lost entirely or only partially completes recording. This seems to be a much bigger issue when we get a motion alert and then open the live view vs. when we're in the camera and manually record.

Note: As with the many other issues with your cameras, this issue is intermittent and doesn't happen all the time. (I'm hoping this issue is gone in your new outdoor cameras...)

@Harriet or Johnny,

Are any/some/all of your cameras designed to be able to record and live view at the same time and preserve the entirety of the recording? Or should we only be doing one or the other?

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Hi Worthing,

Yes, you should be able to stream at the same time as a recording is being saved. All of that is server-side processing, the camera should just be sending everything up like it's livestreaming.

I haven't heard of others having that issue where livestreaming interrupts a recording, so I'll check with our devs and feed back here if I get more info.

- Johnny M.
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