Sun, Sep 20, 2020 4:34 PM

Arris router will not connect to camaras!

Hello everyone,
First of all let me tell you that I'm quite upset. We recently purchased the system and were in our final step of installing the indoor camera. The camera would not connect to our router, so I called tech support. After I told the tech my issue, she said very calmly "oh yeah, if you have an Arris router the cameras won't work. This is the only router brand that we know of that it won't connect to any of the cameras, it will connect to the rest of the system, but not the cameras" My issue is that they know this specific brand of routers won't connect to any of the cameras, and they don't disclose it when you're purchasing the system. She went on on saying that I should call my provider and get a different brand of router. That is not the point! The point are these words "This is the only router brand that we know of" if they know this information WHY are we not informed of it. This would of saved my time! I could have called my internet provided, gotten my 'different brand router' before all of my equipment got here and installed everything without an issues. The result would have been, a very happy customer do in part for the honesty of a company. But the result is totally different!
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