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Fri, Jan 17, 2020 2:21 PM

Awful Customer Service

Notified them via email on 12/11 that keypad for doorlock needed to be replaced.  Told them not to ship if it would not arrive by a specific date, and they responded on 12/18, which missed the date, and correctly said they weren't shipping, and that I should call or email them when back in town.

Emailed on 1/2 for them to ship.

Called today due to hearing nothing and no shipment.  Called at 9:01.  Tech support, call picked up at 9:10 by rep.  Had no idea, put me on hold to investigate.  Came back on, keypad cannot be replaced without replacing entire lock...  So entire new lock is being sent, plus he gave me a free month of monitoring.  3-5 business days, we'll see.

Edit - I logged in and see an order processing, and it shows $113.22.  If they think they can charge my credit card, without my approval, awaiting return of the old lock, they're in for a surprise.  I have seen no charges come through yet though.

edit - now the order shows $0.00, and another order for $0.00.



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Il y a 3 y

Keep an eye on your account, and more importantly, your cc - while most of the reps are pretty proficient in handling $0.00 "replacements" (and yes, it can take a few hours to show correctly in your account), sometimes they don't get it right and they'll add a charge.  Refunds are a different story, they can get really and truly screwed up (they get "lost" in the system, customers' cc isn't credited for lengthy period of time  in which customer has to dispute charges with their cc issuer, or "your check is in the mail" about 7 times).

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You can order an extra Pin Pad for the door lock.

I accidentally received an extra one which I got charged for when I ordered my door lock.  I returned it to get a refund.

It costs $29.99

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Il y a 3 y

So today I received my full lock with keypad, when I only needed a keypad.  Also received a return label.

Deleted the keypad in the app, added in the new keypad, all works fine.  Didn't have to touch the lock, just like I expected.

Return package ready for pickup tomorrow.

SimpliSafe is really wasting money...