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Sun, Feb 13, 2022 3:06 AM

Base keeps losing Wi-Fi

Hello, every night around 3:30am the base loses the wifi connection and then reconnects a few minutes later. I tried connecting to another WiFi in my home, the same thing happens. I restarted the base and followed all instructions on the forum. Please advise. 



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Il y a 6 m

When this happens, and if you can reconnect, check the wifi settings in your keypad settings to see the wifi strength (in case it's low strength).

Another user reported that their router was set to 'reboot' or reset/update at the same time every night, not sure if this is your case, but at least check and if it's due to reset or update every day, turn that function off (but then remember to check at times for any router updates).

You can also try moving the base station closer to the router (but you don't want it too close, preferably not in the same room, but also not signal-obstructed by metal, brick walls, etc).

Also in your router settings, check:

1.  if there is a router update that should be done.

2.  if you have a dual-band router, make sure your SS system is on 2.4 ghz only. 

3.  check the channel, if it's too congested, turn to a less-congested channel.

Make sure your wifi SSID and password are not too long - I'm not sure the cut-offs, but I THINK it's SSID and password at 32 characters each (you might want to call SS to double-check, and also ask which special characters won't work, because I believe the (/) and the (;) may not work.

Lastly, if you haven't received notice/email from SS regarding the 4G cellular module for your base station and if you don't have the new 4G module, call them and ask them to send it out to you.

If your router settings are fine, you might want to call SS for trouble-shooting your connection.

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Il y a 6 m

Hi liazzetti,

It does seem very strange that this happens at a very specific time very night. Could it be a setting in your WiFi router, where it refreshes the connection, and the Base Station just takes a bit more time to re-establish the connection?

Of course, if you're getting the "WiFi Disconnected" message, that means that the backup cell connection is working. So even if there was an alarm event during that small window of time, the alarm will still function as normal.

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Il y a 6 m

Agreed Since it is the same time, I also have the same message every night, I   am sure you have one of your internet devices set to reboot ( mine is my router )    , you can adjust or disable this option in the device   but as mentioned it is not a security issue .