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Base station and keypad stuck updating

Hi! So I recently got simplisafe and installed all my sensors and cameras and I had a message pop up on the keypad saying it needed to do a 12-minute update and to put the keypad by the base station so I put the keypad by the base station and i started the update 2 days ago on Friday and ever since all the keypad has said was "installing base station' and it's been about 50 hours since I started the update and no luck. I've tried unplugging the base station and plugging it back in, I've tried kicking the device off my WiFi and adding it back with no luck! The base stations normal blue light is off and sits there with no light on when plugged in. I just bought the kit 2 days ago and I haven't even been able to use anything! I've fully completed the setup and everything before I began the update. I have no idea what is going on with it but support will not pick up the phone. I've tried several times waiting 20-30 minutes and no one ever answers. Anyone had any similar issues or any ideas on how to fix?



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@jsanger1022 welcome to the forums and congrats on your new SS3 system. (BTW, I am a customer too, like you).

First, want to confirm your base did connect successfully Simplisafe servers, and you successfully sent a test signal before the update. If this is correct, we know that either, or both, your wifi and cell connections are working.

Next up, if the time estimate is 12 minutes, 10 minutes etc, that's pretty darn accurate and if the update goes beyond that, something is wrong.

You need to first start a hard reboot of your base. Unplug the base. There will be a small philips screw underneath, losen and remove the bottom fo the base. Take out one of the nrecharbeable batteries and leave it out for about 20 seconds.

Reverse the steps and plug the base back in.

Take the batteries out of your keypad(s) and put back in.  Once completed I would again send a test signal. Check your timeline to make sure its received.

Now, go to your keypad, click on gear icon once near your base,  Follow instructions and once it starts the download, you should get a revloving orange ring on the base.  Leave it lying about a foot away from the base and come back in about 15 minutes.

Repeat if you have more keypads.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance. Good luck.