Fri, Jul 23, 2021 4:01 PM

Camera and Eero Router


Changed my network over to using Eero routers throughout the house.

My cameras now won't work. Read on Reddit that it's due to 5ghz, so temporarily disabled that on Eero and ran through the camera install again.

Still have the same issue, won't connect and flashing yellow light.

Rang customer support who could only suggest reinstall the app when 5ghz is disabled.

Done that still no joy.

Has anyone been able to connect their Simplisafe camera with an Eero router?




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Il y a 1 a

No experience with Eero, but you could try setting up your old router as an access point or extender with different SSID and see if they connect that way.  Might be some setting in the Eero software.  Try using a wifi analyzer app to verify that the Eero routers aren't broadcasting any 5ghz channels.  Like you, I was just trying to read online about others having similar issues with various devices and some mentioned success making sure they were on the 2.4ghz channel only for both the phone and the camera.
I have a range extender set to only broadcast in 2.4ghz but uses the 5ghz to talk to the router.

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Il y a 4 m

I’ve got the same problem here. Did you ever get it resolved?