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Camera constantly disconnecting

I am tryng install a new camera. And I'll get it set up ok, but it will lose connection almost immediately. I've tried deleting camera and reinstalling it all over the house - near the router, outside (where I ultimately want to put it), and nothing seems to help..

The funny thing is - I have two other cameras, and a security system, and none of them have this trouble... and the two cameras are further from the wifi router than this one would be.

What do I do here?



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@melissasayler74 by chance, is this camera purchased before the other two? Is the resolution 720, the older model? If either answer is yes, call support. There were certain units that had a memory issue and will have to be replaced. At a minimum, you can troubleshoot with SS support and if necessary  they will replace it under warranty.

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I am having a similar issue, I have four cameras that are not connecting to the internet.  I can get them to install on the app, but from there they keep disconnecting.  They connect for maybe a second only to disconnect and this goes on continuously.  I already have a door bell cam and simplicam installed in my house with no issues.  However, these four simply will not stay connected and they all flash yellow.  

My cameras that are already installed are running software version (door bell cam) and (simplicam) while the newly purchased cameras are running  I assume the newly purchased ones are running an older software since it is unable to update.  

In case it is a simplicam firmware issue below are the serial number associated with the simplicams that will not connect:

0062781 (purchased from Best Buy)
0057DC4 (purchased from Simplisafe)
01D66C7 (purchased from Lowes)
01B8485 (purchased from Lowes)

If anyone is able to confirm there is an issue with these cameras or provide a solution it would be very helpful.

Thank you

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If we have this right, you've got six SimpliSafe cameras in total, and only two of them are able to connect?
And by "disconnecting", you mean that the cameras are indeed able to install on your account, but when you try to access them, the feed cuts out?

We suspect that there might be a bandwidth issue going on, with so many cams trying to link up all at once. Or else another issue with your router. We'll have one of our Specialists reach out for some troubleshooting!

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security