Fri, May 29, 2020 4:31 PM

Camera Jammed

I have a short term rental home and have a camera monitoring the door for check in and visual check of the number of guests.
I tell the guests about the camera and tell them to unplug after they turn off the alarm.
The current guests have figured out a way to block the camera from recording before they enter the house.
Several times they have vacated the house, set to AWAY mode, and I get a 60 second recording of the inside of the front door.
When they arrive back home the app says it recorded their entry, but, when I try to view it plays a gray screen in the thumbnail and then says this when I Click on it to view:
Unable to Stream Video
We're working on this issue now. Please try again later.

The system worked perfectly a few days earlier, recording every motion.

Do they have a video jamming device? What is going on?


I have the exact same issue with my landlord who has a key but can't lawfully entry without 24 hour notice.  For three nights in a row, I hear her voice in my house, I see her shadow on the wall coming to the room with the camera and then the camera gets fuzzy and then says "camera not connected to the internet.". Every time. I have yet to get any recording of her although she had to have walked directly in front of the camera