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Camera light flashing blue without accessing the app?

This morning I just happened to glance over at my camera and saw the camera flashing blue, which as I understand it, means someone is currently watching the feed. I went into my app to access it myself, closed it, and the blinking then stopped (I hadn't accessed it for maybe 12-16 hours since then). About 30-45 minutes later I stood in front of the camera, curiously watching it, and the light began to flash blue again. I checked my account and didn't see any suspicious devices, nor did I see any when I checked my home network. Could my account be compromised and/or someone has access to my camera feed somehow?

edit: I have changed my password and logged out of all devices other than mobile. I have blacklisted all wifi devices except the ones I already know are mine, yet this issue persists. It almost seems like I can trigger the camera light to begin flashing blue by creating a lot of motion or noise in front of the camera. Is this a known bug, or is the camera light supposed to begin flashing blue when it detects a lot of motion/noise?

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My cameras sometimes blink blue too.  I'm not sure what is happening, but I don't think my camera is being hacked because it has stopped when I accessed the app too.

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This has started happening to our cameras as well. I've been suspicious of wifi signal being the culprit, but I don't have any solid evidence of this. I've unplugged our camera and sent a message to support for input. Noticing this several times a day this past week. It's happening to 2 cameras.

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Hi folks,

The flashing blue light is indeed an indicator that the camera is actively sending a signal - such is when its motion sensor has been triggered.

If you have the camera integrated with a full security system, then the camera's Motion Sensor would be tied to the state of the shutter. For example, if you have it set to be open in Off Mode, then you'll be getting motion and/or recordings even when the system is disarmed.




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Nice post Johnny M. If I may add, the motion detection on the Simplicam has improved greatly since first released, and now covers a much larger area, both wide and long aspects.  Should be repeated it does not cause the system to alarm, only record, and is easily configurable in the phone app.  Mine are shut to off, as I have motion sensors in each of the 3 rooms they are located.

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So I have had several problems with my outdoor camera. Fyi this is me second outdoor camera. they have replaced it once before. So the device battery goes dead letting me know every 5 min via text in like a month . Super annoying, once would be ok. Even though it is connected to a solar panel also supplied by Simply safe. So to prevent the rapid fire text blowing up my phone i uninstall the camera from the app. This works for the rapid fire texts but creates a second problem. When I attempt to charge and reinstall the camera to the app it wont do so. im am confronted with a blue light saying that the camera is recording a event. after countless firmware updates and 6 hours on tech support they end up sending me another camera. At this point  Im looking into getting a different system. Anyone looking to buy a used system.

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Make sure your alarm is off. The same thing happened to me. I was trying to figure out why my camera was recording me and then I remembered that I left the house earlier and set my alarm for “away” and never turned it off. If it’s on “away” it will turn on with motion.