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Camera not recording

We are consistently having difficulty with our front door camera and the recorded videos. The camera does not record any video on our account. We cannot review who has been to the house, despite the camera being active and available as a live camera. How can this be fixed?



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Do you have the recording plan?  

With an optional recording plan, you can record, store and share critical footage with police and neighbors.

-Record anytime at the push of a button
-30-Day Storage
-Download and Share Clips

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@hondaman88​   What is up and or why would one need a recording plan.  If the camera doesn’t function properly SS needs to step up and fix it.  Have you called them?

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Hi gwright331,

As hondaman88 says, assuming that you have an active Recording Plan:
Recordings should be popping up on your Timeline - i.e. every time you disarm, or there's an actual alarm event, etc., they should appear in that event log. You should be able to select each event, and any associated videos with that event should be playable.
Are you not able to see those recordings? Or are you able to see them, but when you press play, nothing happens?
Also, do you see the same behavior on the app, as when you log into your account via the website?

- Johnny M.
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2 d ago

I’m having the same problem.  Why do we need a “recording plan”?  Do you need one with Ring?