Sun, Mar 8, 2020 2:58 AM

Camera - Privacy Shutter Setting Clarification

I've confused myself so I'm hoping someone that has monitoring and use the iOS APP can help.  

I hope I can explain this without confusing you all too:  

In the iOS app setting for the camera's privacy shutter there are 3 sliders, one for each arm mode. The toggles are to the left which seem to indicate OFF and to the right where the toggle is now in blue, which would indicate ON.  BUT.. the setting instructions only mention the states of Open & Closed.  So does ON (to the right) mean the privacy shutter is being USED in that mode or does it mean it's OPEN?  I can see where ON can be interpreted to mean both the shutter is being USED (ie: CLOSED) and the shutter is OPEN.  Basically, I want the shutter to be CLOSED when they system is OFF and OPEN when the system is in HOME or AWAY.  So which do I need to toggle to the right? OFF or HOME & AWAY?

Ok, I need some Tylenol now.

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2 y ago

In the Android app, when the respective slider for that mode (off or home or away) is to the left it means the privacy shutter will be Closed in that mode. When it is to the right (and blue) it means the privacy shutter will be Open in that mode.

I'd expect the iOS function to be same/similar.

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Thank you for the clarification.  That's the exact opposite of how I guessed it worked.  Much appreciated!