Tue, Jun 16, 2020 7:58 PM

Camera Shutter Closed

All of a sudden my camera shutter is closed and will not reopen. It is connected and appears to be working fine, you just get a dark feed with the closed shutter. I have unplugged and tried to get it to work, but no help.



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2 y ago

@ Tomaselli1 this happened to two of my 3 cameras. Cause? Weak spring mechanism on the privacy shutter in the early production runs of the camera. Called SS, did a minutes of troubleshooting and, in both instances, new replacements sent out at nc. Call support.

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2 y ago

Just had the same issue. Called support. With camera plugged in to power, hold down top reset button on camera until it resets. You will hear it announce reset. You can then Add New Camera using app. Worked for me.

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2 y ago

I have seven cameras none of which will operate the privacy shutters consistency since new. All are still under warranty and after contacting customer service repeatedly without ever resolving the issue I am ready to return all seven cameras for a refund. I have verified a strong Wi Fi signal at each location and tested all motion sensors which work as advertised. My question is does anyone know of reliable cameras that operate consistently? I am inclined to keep the motion and entry sensors. I do have the complete monitoring system with Simplisafe but cannot continue to spend countless hours with customer service.



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2 y ago

There are no other cameras which are integrated into the SS.  If you want "good" cameras, they will have to be independent of SS.