Wed, May 6, 2020 1:07 PM

can doorbell cam still record if you lose wired power to it, but maintain wifi?

eg Suppose I have a ups to preserve wifi if power goes out. The wired power to the doorbell cam would be down, yet I know there's some kind of battery in the doorbell cam. I suspect it won't still record video, but figured I'd ask.




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Il y a 2 y

@johnspartan you have a great question, and I had some time, so called support. Answer: your doorbell would remain powered, but only for a short period of time. The battery was designed to provide power incase of a brief power interruption. During that brief time it is active, it will record video.  The agent did not know the specific number of minutes it would last.

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Il y a 2 y

Take it off the wall during a live stream and see how long it lasts. If I get a chance I might try.



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Il y a 2 y

Taking if off the the wall may be more trouble than it is worth.  Just remove power to the doorbell system.  Mine has a transformer in the utility closet and I can de-power the doorbell by loosening one screw and removing the wire.  Or I could hit the circuit breaker which feeds it, but that would take  out some other things as well.