Fri, Nov 27, 2020 8:35 PM

Can you turn off one door while the rest of the system is active?


I purchased Simplisafe for my mom.
It was easy to set up and use, so far, she likes it and feels secure.

We had a question, is it possible to turn off one door while the rest of the system is armed?
Ex., if she disarms the front door to go get the mail, but the back door, and windows remain active.
This would be a great feature, to be able to turn on/off one sensor, rather than have the entire home disarmed.

Thank you.



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2 y ago

Unfortunately, you would have to do it manually in the phone app. You could possibly consider using the different modes to get this done too, home and away but may just be as easy to use the keyfob and have your mom arm the system while out getting the mail and just turning it off to get back in, and then turn back on again.

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2 y ago

Why not just use the key fob? Push button to disarm system, walk outside to get mail push button to arm and same when return to residence?