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Wed, Jan 19, 2022 1:36 PM

Cancel service / Delete payment info

Hello, I do not see in my account a way to cancel my service or delete my credit card. I have been in a trial period for 3 weeks and the service has never worked for me, even though I have called to help with the setup and emailed customer support almost two weeks ago (surprise, no response).

Any Ideas? I have tried calling twice but the representative ended the call, and the other just never answered, I could hear a lot of kids yelling but no one at the phone. I tried live chat but they tell me to call customer support, so this is an endless circle.


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Il y a 7 m

SS, who should have this in the Help Center if not already there, will not delete anything for security and documenting purposes. What they can, and will do, is no longer display the information in their systems. Having worked for a medical device company, we had the same policy. Suggest you call support and ask for the same.  If they say they can't, ask to have your call escalated. davey, if incorrect, please advise. Thanks!

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@captain11​ thanks, I'll be calling "again" today... This is a joke being honest, I'm glad this equipment was a left by the previous home owner and I didn't pay for it.

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Il y a 7 m


You're right, currently the only way to cancel service is through the phone at 800-548-9508, so we can verbally confirm your Safe Word passcode.

And that's the only way to remove credit card info, for the same reason - because if an unauthorized person can do that, it's essentially the same as stopping service.

@yamchito, so sorry about the technical issues! Please try again at 800-548-9508. But if you can't get through, let me know and I'll request a call for you from a different department.