Tue, May 26, 2020 11:52 PM

Cannot reach your support center

I would like to change my coverage plan, been on hold now for over an hour.  How can I speak with someone?  I believe my time is valuable, clearly you do not.  Please call me.  thank you.

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2 y ago

Same here. I've called in multiple times this morning, get to a ring, and then silence. Couple times I was hung-up on. Is the customer support line down?

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2 y ago

SS doesn't pay attention to this forum.  They likely will never see your message.



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2 y ago

^ In other words, you have to call SS.  Oh the irony!

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2 y ago

I tried e-mailing them through the support center and got one reply just listing the steps I needed to do.  The first step wasn't working and I've replied twice now with no further follow-ups.  I'll probably have to call as soon as I have time...

2 y ago

If you want to upgrade your plan you can do it in your online account, if you want to downgrade your plan you will need to call them.

There might be a wait time, but I would just call and put the phone down on speakerphone while doing something else so you aren't having to focus your time on it. I normally call around when they open which is 9 am eastern time its not that busy yet

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2 y ago

I called the support line today, before closing time (6 pm EDT), and was on hold both times, either 8 or 11 min, listening to music only (no system or person said anything, all that time), then the music stopped and there was silence...for 1-3 min, I thought maybe they couldn't hear me, moved around, had good cell reception.  Nada.                 Reason I needed support is bought system a year ago, but just now installing/activating it.    On app and online, I couldn't choose "NO MONITORING" plan -- had to choose TRIAL...or get a plan.    It wouldn't let me proceed beyond that page/step, without choosing to get plan OR trial.  So, I hit trial, since forced to.   Then, it asks for my credit card info.  I don't feel it's appropriate to force me to choose either of those two options (instead of NO plan) and that they require credit card info.         Did I miss something, somewhere?  Any assistance is appreciated.    Made me feel like retiring the system - there are other monitoring systems, that won't force me to pay or get my CC info, if not wanting monitoring service.