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Changing credit card

How do I change my credit card info for monthly billing?

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Google search brought me here because I too was frustrated logging in from a PC.

What you have to do is ignore the blue "upgrade" link next to the word "Monitoring" on the left...


That takes me to my actual account where I can edit, but sadly not delete, my CC info.

Clicking the links on the main account page for previous order numbers were not helpful. Yes, this could be made a little easier for us old farts, LOL.



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@ jg24, hey! I resemble that remark!

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Just call. It's EASY!!!

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kscottson and sevensiamesecat have the right instructions. I was able to update my credit card info using their instructions.

It can't be that much of an overhead to provide clear instructions in Simplisafe's email reminder for updating credit card info, right? Any professionally run business would do this. I wonder why Simplisafe does not???

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To change your credit card information please use the following steps.

1. Sign into your online account.
2. Select the menu in the top left-hand corner.
3. Select Monitoring (under settings).
4. In the middle of the blue section, you should see "Credit Card".
5. Underneath that is an "edit" option.

SimpliSafe Home Security

On my computer I performed steps 1, 2, and 3.  In step 3 I clicked on the word Monitoring, NOT ON THE UPGRADE ARROW.  This opened a pop-up window about "Add Smartphone controls and more by upgrading to Interactive".

Closing the pop-up locks the screen.

I have done this repeatedly using Windows Explorer and Chrome and I get the same result.

So for grins I clicked on Upgrade and upgraded my plan.  Then I clicked on Monitoring and the page opened so I could update my credit card information just as you described.

It doesn't seem right that I should have to upgrade my service just to be able to keep my account info up to date, does it?

I am going to cancel the monitoring upgrade.


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Payment setting in the Monitoring link is totally counter-intuitive.  Can we stop this easter egg hunting game with a better  website design?

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Navigation of the menu is different from a web browser. From simplisafe.com, hover over the person icon top right. Top choice will either be Login or View Account. I'm already logged in, so I selected View Account. Along the left of the screen, under Settings, select Monitoring. To modify CC info, look for the field in the blue area (until they redesign). As noted several times in this discussion, you cannot remove CCs from here, you can just add new ones or select previously entered ones. To remove older ones, you must call in (may be able to chat to accomplish the same).