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Mon, Mar 7, 2022 3:17 AM

Chime on keypad?

I have two keypads. One chimes when any entry sensor is opened, the other does not. How do I set it up to chime as well?  I’ve been digging through the settings and can’t find anything to turn on chimes. 


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I'm 99.9% positive that for Gen 3 systems, neither keypad sound chimes. You should only hear chimes from the base station and wireless sirens if you have any. (I just grabbed both of my keypads and opened the front door and confirmed the noise only comes from the base station.) There are no configuration options for the keypad for chime volume.

I can't speak to the gen 2 system as I never owned one.

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@worthing​ yep, you're right. For all generations, the Door Chime comes from the Base Station, not the Keypads.

(For Gen 3, the Door Chime can be echoed on the Wireless Siren too)

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OK, I guess I'm imagining then one of my keypads going "bee-beep" when I open a door. Got it! 

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The keypad does a VERY soft beep, beep... When you trigger an entry until you enter your code. I so wish you could make this sound louder. The sensor trigger sound does only come from the base.

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Turns out I’m an idiot. The keypad I thought was chiming did indeed NOT chime. I had forgotten that there’s a siren in that room, too, and that one does the chiming. So mystery solved. Thanks, all!