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Chirping motion sensor

What does it mean when motion sensor chirps?



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Are you sure it is the motion sensor?

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Hi @stephanie.e.morris,

SimpliSafe Motion Sensors don't make any sounds, but if you have one of our Smoke Detectors or Carbon Monoxide Detectors, that may be what is making the chirping sound that you are hearing. If it does appear to be one of those devices that is causing the chirping, it could be doing so for one of a few reasons. Depending on how frequently the detector is chirping and what the yellow light is doing it could mean that the battery is getting low, the detector is not on its bracket all of the way, or that there is another error. For more help regarding which issue you may be having, you can click here for specifics regarding your Smoke Detector or you can click here for specifics regarding your Carbon Monoxide Detector.

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