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Tue, Mar 22, 2022 3:57 PM


i called customer support just now to get some slimmer entry magnets and a left/right wedge for my doorbell pro.

She asked me for my name. I gave it to her.

She then asked me for my safe word. I told her I had not yet set one.



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Hi xmtrman,

So sorry to hear about your experience. I really would chalk this up to the line just dropping by accident, but I will of course report this to our Support team leadership just in case.

But to answer your question: The Safe Word is our easiest way to confirm your identity, and once our phone agents hear it from you, they're free to discuss any and all things related to your account, and process payments. So it's just standard practice for them to ask - and if you don't, they'll try to confirm that they have the right account pulled up through other ways.

And for the other question: your Safe Word is set up when you activate a Monitoring Plan with 24/7 dispatch. So if you don't have an active account yet, or if you want to activate an unmonitored plan, you wouldn't have a Safe Word yet.

But to go back to your original issue - that you need some Slim Magnets and a Wedge Kit for your Video Doorbell. I think the easiest way to get this all sorted is for me to just send you the lot free of charge. I'll send you a direct message and take care of it ASAP.


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The reason I was calling customer support was because the email bot told me I had to call them.

I also keeps getting only semi-relevant responses from the email bot.

Here is the email I just sent:




I want to talk to a sentient lifeform NOW, so you’d better send this email to a manager.


If you send me another “form letter” email, I’m going to shove this security system somewhere you won’t like!


I made a  call to obtain some slim entry sensor magnets and a left/right wedge for the doorbell camera and was asked my name and safeword.

I do not have a safeword set. When I said that the woman hung up!


I would like to point out that me stating that I did not have a safeword set, is, itself, a safe word since that entry in my account should be blank.


I have not setup monitoring so have not set up a safe word.

Given this experience I am less-inclined to do so.


Why should I need a safe word to MAKE A PURCHASE anyway?


Also, I do not see where I can set a safeword on the web browser interface.  


Carefully consider your response.

Our further business relationship hangs in the balance."



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@xmtrman​ Over the past 10 years customer support has always been professional and polite, admittedly sometimes not helpful enough and in need of some additional training, but always polite.

I suggest you call again, ask the agent to read your account notes and politely ask for a supervisor. They also can assist you in setting up a safe word and authenticate you in other ways.

Please post the outcome of your call here if you get a chance. Thanks!