Sat, Jan 11, 2020 6:06 PM


How do you turn the doorbell on?!

I just unboxed my "replacement" doorbell. It is dead. No lights. No nothing. I've had it plugged in to a USB charger for 2 hours. Still nothing. I've had it on my wired doorbell base for 2 hours. Still nothing.

There is nothing in the "troubleshooting" (or forums that I can find) about the door-bell becoming a paperweight. How do you turn this on?!

And I agree. Simply-safe tech support is useless. Why should I rely on simply-safe to keep my family safe when they cant even put out a working product?!



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Il y a 3 y

Not saying this will work but try pushing the button on the back of the doorbell for a few seconds and see if that will reboot or (wake it up). If not then might be a call for ss. Oh and check to make sure power is coming in to the doorbell wires.

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Il y a 2 y

Exact same problem. Brand new doorbell...charge it for a couple of hours. Added it my system, took it off the charger and it's been dead ever since. I have done all the trouble shooting...reset, remove from system, different cables, power, etc. and the doorbell is DEAD.