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deleting timeline

I have just realized that all the system actions and camera activity since we got the system last summer are present in "Timeline." Nothing I've tried has shown me how to delete that huge backload of dated information. It seems like it should be such a simple thing; can anyone tell me how?? Thanks.

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Il y a 3 y

Simpli put (pun intended) - you can't and SS won't.

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Videos are deleted after 30 days.  Timeline is never deleted.

I wonder if you cancel monitoring do they delete it?  Cancel, then re-up to clear it?  (I wouldn't try that until they get their support problems fixed, unless you like waiting on hold for hours only to be hung-up on.)

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Il y a 3 y

What are you guys doing in front of these cameras that you need to delete so bad?  :)

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Regardless what they're doing, seem way intrusive that we, as the customers, dont have full control over data recorded by our systems.  Should be an easy fix to give authenticated access to user's file space on the cloud, or wherever it may exist.  What goes here?  Why such a governmental policy? 

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@robinsra​ It's not quite as simple as that. But you should know that this thread is a couple of years old, and we have since added the ability to remove individual videos from your timeline. You can find the option in the playback screen.