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Detached garage question

Greetings all. I do not currently have SimplySafe yet, But am right on the cusp of getting it. I just had, maybe a stupid question, about arming the system with sensors also attached to the entry door and the overhead door of a detached garage. Distance and weather is not an issue, My question is, if I arm the alarm in my house, and there is only so much time to shut the door, get in the garage, get my car out and shut the overhead door, is there enough time to do all that ? I think the answer to my question is to just use the FOB after the car is out and the overhead door is closed. Looked for detached garage topics, but none covered the question above, Thanks in advance



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@booluvs1, welcome to the forums. I have been a customer for over 7 years, two systems and know one thing: there are no stupid questions, only the fool who thinks they know everything. :-)

While there is no formal search tool in the forums, you can use a Google site search, and it will usually find what you are looking for.


site: Simplisafe.com/forum  SS3 garage sensors

You will get many hits. Also, you can call SS support. They are a friendly bunch and will not give you the hard used car sales approach.  And your 60 day no questions asked return policy starts when you place the order.

If I may offer a simpler solution than you worry about running to the garage, just use the phone app with the 24.99 plan (only way to go in my opinion and a bargain, included push alerts, video and more) and or, just use the key fob and alarm the system after you pull out.

Hope this helped, and have a great day.



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And interactive monitoring is helpful because if you use a keyfob or phone app to arm after you close your garage door, you'll get a text message of the armed event - as opposed to not hearing the base station sounding that you armed the system.

You can also set an exit delay for several minutes - but because every day will be different with different amount of seconds/minutes it takes for you to close door, get in vehicle, start engine, turn on heat/ac, turn on radio, warm up engine, look around while waiting, oops, you forgot something in the house,.... so an exit delay may not be dependable or consistent for your routine, and if you don't have the app or text messaging options, you still won't hear the base announce that the system is armed.

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My understanding is if you open the door before arming the system, the system will disregard that sensor until the door is closed. At that point the system considers it an actively-monitored sensor again.