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Device NOT ID'd on Alarm Event

I have all of my Devices named.   I wanted to know by name what device has been triggered.

However, my Downstairs motion detector recently was triggered.   The alarm siren turned on.    So far, so good.   But when I looked at my timeline I could not determine what named sensor had been triggered.   It showed the device as "Motion Sensor xxxxxxxx"  and not as "Downstairs Motion Sensor".

What's wrong?




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@ Clark711 I replied to your other post.  Please provide more information: What system do you have, SS2 or SS3? Do you have a monitoring plan, and if so, which one? Based on the questions you are asking, you may want to call support. They are open until midnight eastern.

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Just found your reply.  

First, I did not know of a SS2 or SS3.    My system is "new".   I did originally have a SimpliSafe system from about a year+ ago, but it was replaced by SimpliSafe a month ago.   It is definitely the "new" system, so is that a SS3?

I have the $24 per month monitoring plan.


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Hi @Clark711,

Is your app up to date? I also suggest calling our support number at 800-548-9508 so we can help you troubleshoot live!


- Harriet C.
SimpliSafe Home Security