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door lock not manually unlocking when locked using the app

Major Safety Issue---Recently after an update or something I have found that my simplysafe door lock will not unlock from the inside if the lock is closed using the app or the keypad. No matter how much you try the lock will not unlock. This is a MAJOR safety issue. If you lock the door manually then there is no issue with unlocking the door, This only happened I believe after a recent software update. How can I correct this?



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This is interesting.  I would think that this shouldn't be possible, due to safety concerns that you mention (Life Safety Codes).  I would think that a manual action would unlock the lock regardless.

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Definitely concerning, mark.violet1.

Have you tried factory resetting the Smart Lock? You can do that by opening the battery panel and holding the pairing button inside for 16 seconds. When you release, it should disengage from the Base Station, and you can add it back through the Keypad.

- Johnny M.
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I am having the same problem in two new Simplisafe Smart Locks. I purchased them a couple of months ago from two different places. Both exhibit exactly the same jammed for manual usage behavior described here and it is very concerning. Both locks function perfectly from the keypad or app, so there is no mechanical blockage issue, the bolt is smooth as can be.

I opened this topic about it:

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I've had my lock installed for about a month.  Yesterday, I could not unlock the door manually to get in my house.  It took a couple tries with the app locking and unlocking it for the deadbolt to turn.  It hasn't happened since then, but this is a significant problem and major safety concern.  

It seems to be working fine now, but I am still going to contact customer support.

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Update: If I lock the Smartlock electronically (app, alarm or pin pad) it will only unlock with pin pad, app, etc.  If I am outside, the key does not work.  However, if I lock my house manually with a key, then I can unlock it manually.  This occurs 100% of the time.  Sometimes when I am inside the lock will not unlock when I try to turn it by hand.

When I left my house this weekend, I set the alarm, but because I was concerned that the lock might not work at all, I left the backdoor unlocked so I had a guaranteed way to enter my house.  Not very safe or secure, but I didn't know what else to do.

I've contacted Simplisafe and they are sending me a new SmartLock, but I still have my concerns.  This problem didn't start until after I had the lock for a few weeks and I am over 30 days into my 60 day return window.  

Even a bigger concern is how this could ever happen.  There should be no reason for the lock to ever malfunction manually.  A key should work 100% of the time.  The thought of my family being trapped inside or outside of my house is not something I even want to think about.