Thu, Jan 16, 2020 11:54 PM

Doorbell Camera Disconnect issues

I have consistent front doorbell camera disconnect issues now for almost a year with this system. It is only the doorbell. I have replaced it twice.I have done everything from Simplisafe providing extenders to purchasing a full mesh system for my network.  The mesh system improved it a bit but the camera continues to just randomly disconnect itself for no reason.

I have two indoor cameras with no issues. and yes....the nearest satellite is less that 7 feet away from the doorbell cam so the distance should not be an issue. All on 2.4

Anyone else have these issues with the doorbell cam?

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3 y ago

A few people have reported their doorbell cam problems have been due to transformer for the doorbell system being too small to supply the necessary power for stable operation.

Do you have a multimeter to measure the voltage at the doorbell button?

Or, at least check the doorbell transformer size? There should be an Volt-Ampere (VA) rating on it. What is the number?

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3 y ago

Do you have metal siding?