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Doorbell chime suddenly stopped working

I've had my Simplisafe video doorbell for a couple of years, has always worked fine.  My chime is a standard analog variety, has always worked without the Chime Connector.

All of a sudden, the chime has stopped working. In all other respects, the doorbell seems to be OK. Tomorrow I will pull off the doorbell and reboot it, also will disconnect and touch the wires together to confirm that the chime is working at all.  Anything I should be looking for?

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Il y a 2 y

After some testing, it seems the solenoid in the doorbell chime is dead.

When I tested the Simplisafe doorbell, I noticed that the button is a bit sticky, and once it seemed to stick in the depressed position.  This leads me to suspect that someone rang the doorbell, the button stuck in, and the solenoid eventually burnt out.

So the next question is how to address a sticky button in the Video Doorbell.  If I see no response here I'll start a new thread.

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Il y a 2 y

Hi @neil.weinstock,

We're glad you were able to figure out exactly what has gone wrong with your doorbell chime. If the button on your Video Doorbell Pro is sticking then I recommend getting in touch with our Support Team so that we can replace that under it's 3-year warranty.

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Il y a 2 y

Thanks, it was indeed replaced, installing the new one now.