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Doorbell question: Do I need to keep my chime connected to run power to the doorbell?

Apparently a common issue with video doorbells using existing hardware is a constant humming from the indoor chime when it's not going off. I'm not an electrician but from what I understand it has to do with the current the smart doorbell outputs. I know an easy solution is to use an ohm resistor which I am willing to put in.

Before I invest in buying some and replacing the chime all together (mine is ancient and too soft anyway), I was wondering if I even need one? You can set a chime to go off from the bay station so I could just use that and my phone?

My questions is, if I disconnect the chime will it kill power to the doorbell? Has anyone tried this? I'd rather just use the bay station and save the 30 bucks.

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Hi @angelogallo,

While we don't officially support non-standard installations of our Video Doorbell Pro, as long as the doorbell is still connected to your existing doorbell's transformer, it should function properly. If you do decide to give it a try, let us know how it works.

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