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Sat, Mar 19, 2022 3:51 AM

E-mail Preferences

How comes I cannot enable or select any additional checkboxes under "Email Preferences", which is found under "Manage Account", or "Account" (I am currently accessing this through the website portal, however, I believe I attempted to sign-up for additional e-mails, but never could, whether that was under the app, nor the website portal.

Allows you to select/check the checkbox, and save it, but once you go back into the options and refresh the page, or go back into the "Account" and "Email Preferences" options from another page, it no longer shows the checkboxes selected.

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5 m ago

Any ideas on this? I imagine I may have to open a ticket with Simplisafe with this? If so, I'm wondering if they're aware of this or will be able to figure this out?

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4 m ago

@davey_d Any ideas on this, or why this may be occurring? This has always been the case for my account. I have not checked on others' accounts yet.