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Feature request - multiple logins with different pins

Development, where are we with the ability to create multiple logins, with their own email address, app code, and pin?  This should be a huge effort within engineering and as you can see from the multitude of posts, this is a feature people have been asking for since the system was first made public.  Is there a feature already in the system to get this done? Rick

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We absolutely need this!

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I've asked a number of times out of curiosity but I don't recall ever seeing a reply...

Why is it that you'd want people other than the system administrator, so to speak, and perhaps a trusted second to have the ability to arm/disarm (or otherwise control) the system remotely?

If it is primarily about receiving notifications then other people can be set up to receive email and or SMS notifications, and they don't even need the SS app to receive them.

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We have multiple family members who would like to use a phone based app to arm and disarm the system, they do not need access to all of the system management features on the app.

Simple example, last person to leave the house forgets to arm the system. They do not need the full functionality of app (may be a young teen) but they would like to arm/disarm using a phone app.

The key pad is fine, but believe it or not, sometimes young teens come home and forget to even check the key pad and set off the system.  They are phone centric, they will look to see if the system is armed using their phone.

For those worried about remote access, this could be an option in feature managed by the main user. Besides, the system sends messages whenever the status changes already.

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Absolutely need this feature!!!! In particular, I want to have some interior rooms armed without anyome but parents able to disarm them. For example, if a kid tries to access the liquor, we will know.

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For example, if a kid tries to access the liquor, we will know.

stephenglee.sl, this example here is what secret alert is designed for. The monitoring company will never be notified for a secret alert - only account holders how you to be (push, text, email). Unfortunately, you cannot give your minor access to the app for remote access, because it also gives access to device configuration ("I'll just disable the liquor cabinet for right now"). This is another reason people (maybe even you) have been asking for multiple rights layers in the app just like there is in the keypad.