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Wed, Aug 25, 2021 6:00 PM

Flag sets off motion detector in doorbell


I have the Simplisafe doorbell and really like it.

However, the motion sensor is triggered by a flag that waves in the breeze in the far corner of the field.

I know other companies have a method to essentially draw a region of interest around this part of the visual field to tell the motion sensor to ignore movement here.

Does Simplisafe doorbell have this capability?

If so, do you have a link to guide us through this process?

Thank you!

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Never mind,  I just found this helpful link:

The details of the implementation process have been superseded by new web pages, but with a little trial and error it gives a rough outline of how to get the job done.

Cool technology!

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Il y a 1 a

Ya..... the problem with that is..... I'd have to select the area where people walk up to our door as our flag pole is in our front yard..... right outside our front door!  I think the shadow is also setting ours off!

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Il y a 1 a

Yeah, there are some situations for which there isn't really an effective solution to have your cake and eat it too.

I've done a lot of tuning on the detection functions of my non-SS cams and there are a few cams for which I finally turned off motion notifications because I couldn't tune out enough nuisance notifications that were cluttering up my inbox (although all those cameras record 24/7/365 regardless of motion notifications being sent or not).