Fri, Jan 10, 2020 1:32 AM

Free video recording for 1 year.

I bought a SimpliSafe doorbell with 1-year 24/7 video recording.
Installation is easy and quick, but I could not find on this Website how SimpliSafe help activate the 1-year 24/7 video recording, as printed on the box. I sent an similar email to customer service but got no answer. I would return it if I cannot get the free service as said on the box.
Please show me how.
Thank you.



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3 y ago

The way to get free recording (for life) for up to 10 cameras is to have the $24.99 a month monitoring plan.

Further more, SS cameras do not record 24/7.  They ONLY record when the motion sensor is active and triggered, or there is a system event (alarm, arm, disarm) or you request "live view"