Tue, Jul 27, 2021 12:45 AM

getting technical help

I have been trying to get customer support from Simply Safe now for 3 day's. They sent me a new cell phone for my base station and it does not work and will not allow me to hook up to the internet either. I have sent one email yesterday after spending one hour on hold to get no response. I have now been on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes and still holding. I have followed all of the trouble shooting recommendations two times each to no avail. I cannot get anyone to answer a phone call or email. Any suggestions?



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Il y a 1 a

@ johnmullette can you post some details about your issue(s) so possibly someone here in the forums can assist? Also, did you check the Help Center?

Il y a 1 a


I am in the exact situation.  I have never had one phone call answered and I've been trying for a week, on hold for at least an hour each time.  Their customer service is awful.  I regret going with this system every single day.

Il y a 1 a

Same boat. Not what I was expecting. Been calling for a week now. No time to stay on hold for who knows how long. If your support queue is longer than an hour wait, something is wrong. Too many support calls due to product issues, or understaffed support - or both. At this rate (the amount of time I have had to spend setting this thing up) I could almost justify spending more and having it setup for me. If it keeps going this way, that will def be the case. Might not be so bad if we could SEARCH the forums! But I suspect my issues require actually talking to someone - cant connect to wifi and base station says it is already registered. I will try starting a thread here and hope I get lucky. Getting close to putting this stuff back in the box and returning