Thu, Dec 3, 2020 3:59 AM

Glass Sensor says it is not responding, but it does work in test mode

One of my glass break sensors says it is not responding, yet it does acknowledge when I am in test mode.  I even tried moving the sensor near the keypad and it still is giving an error message of not responding.  Does anybody know what to do?  Also, is there a way to search on Forum topics?

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Replace the battery.

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I also tried replacing the battery a couple of times and it still sends a signat to the base during test, but then I get the error that it is not responding.


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Hi @NWDude,

If removing and reseating the battery did not fix the issue for you, another thing you can try is to unpair and then re-pair the Glassbreak sensor to your system. Doing so should clear that error message for you.

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