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Has Customer Service Become Incapable?

My experience is as follows.  (1) I read that Simplisafe would upgrade a legacy system with SS3.  I took them up on the offer.  (2) I purchased a smart lock also about one week after the new SS3 system was installed. (3) the new SS3 base station would not communicate with the new lock.  After numerous calls to tech support and after approximately 2-3 hours, they sent me a new one, the second.  (4) the second new one would also not communicate with the lock.  After hours on the phone with tech support again, they sent me another, the third one.  (5) the third one would also not communicate with the lock.  After hours on the phone, they sent me another, the fourth one.  (6) the fourth one would also not communicate with the lock.  After hours on the phone, they suggested that they send a new base station at which point I suggested we should stop.  I suggested that either (a)  they could put me in contact with an engineer as I am also an engineer and possibly we could resolve the issue without resorting to established scripts used by tech support or (b) I could get my money back for the lock.  They then hung up on me.

As it stands I have a fully installed lock that will not communicate with my fourth new base station.  I cannot fathom calling tech support again and listening while they try and resolve the problem using the scripts established.  I do not believe the lock is defective nor is the base station.  This is more likely about software versions and communications.  It could even be electronic in that the signal strength is insufficient.  

I currently have nowhere to turn other than writing this accounting.  I'd hope someone from Simplisafe sees an issue with this and helps to find a solution through an honest technical exchange.  

At my wit's end.  Andy



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2 y ago

Some people have had better luck when messaging SS on facebook, so if and when you do, stipulate that you request a higher-up (senior supervisor) to call you, and not a call-rep for assistance.   There's also a rep who checks the forum here more frequently lately, and if sees your post, can schedule a call to you from a supervisor.  Also ask if you need a firmware update for the lock. If you have the phone app, you can check for a lock update via the app - I don't have the doorlock, and don't know if the keypad will show an update alert for the lock (it will for the base station/system updates), so check it under settings and scroll through for "check for updates".

2 y ago

Troubleshooting with a script is good for the beginner.  Your case should have been escalated the first time the replacement would not work.  I too have spent hours on the phone with tech support from companies that don't send their techs to classes on the operation of their products.

Your problem does sound like a firmware communication problem due to incompatibility.  A second line supervisor at Simplisafe should be able to resolve this issue with you.  I would call tech support back and insist upon a supervisor or an engineer to service your account.  

While you are at it have them contact me on my doorbell issue.

2 y ago

I just read that the new system does not communicate with the old sensors due to the new system using an encryption protocol.  It could be the door lock you have is an old system lock?