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HelloTech says no tech in my area??? How do I install a Video Doorbell Pro where there is no existing doorbell

HelloTech says no tech in my area???  How do I install a Video Doorbell Pro where there is no existing doorbell

So after I gave HelloTech my payment information and a week or more of available dates/times and waiting days to hear when they would schedule it only for them to email me and tell me they have no techs in my area.  So now I am stuck installing my video doorbell pro myself.

I intend to install this video doorbell pro where there has never been a doorbell.  Now I find that I can't just connect it to 120V.  I would like to put this Video Doorbell Pro on the outside of a wall where there is a box of 3 switches on the inside of the wall.  I would like to have a transformer I can tuck into the junction box and step down the current so it is compatible with the Video Doorbell Pro?



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The "Video Doorbell Pro" is not a doorbell.  It is a doorbell BUTTON.  If you don't have a doorbell system (and worse, the RIGHT doorbell system) already installed, then you can't install the Video Doorbell.  

Although you don't have to have an ENTIRE doorbell system, just the doorbell power transformer to provide the power the Video Doorbell.  SS has allegedly released an update which if the Video Doorbell Button is pressed, the base now emits a doorbell sound.

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I just dealt with this myself a few days ago.  My house doesn't have a doorbell, and I needed to get power to the SS doorbell cam.  Fortunately, there were light switches on the interior wall just opposite the area the doorbell needed to go.  I bought a transformer at Amazon https://amzn.to/2Bi7c6Z  I pulled the light switches out, installed a metal electrical box inside the wall, mounted the transformer to it, connected some doorbell wire to the transformer & drilled a hole & ran that outside.  Then connected the transformer wires to the wires for the switches to get power.  Hooked the doorbell up to the new wires outside, and bang, it works!  Hope this helps!