Tue, Apr 28, 2020 10:06 PM

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How do I set up my app after my wife has already set it up for herself. Do I have to use HER email & login? Can I use my own email & Login info and link both accounts?

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Il y a 2 y

You both have to use the same log in credentials.



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Il y a 2 y

@jrodri003, Ronsec is correct. My wife and I have been both on our account for the past 8+ years and works fine.

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Il y a 2 y

Yep, one login for the apps. So you'll want to keep that login only for Very Special People, as it is what can change all your PINs you set up for not-so-special people (guests, petsitters, etc).

However, once you use the main app login, you can set up your Master Pin, and then your individual pins for you, your wife, and anyone else.  The system will say who unlocked it at the keypad in the logs, or if it was unlocked with a key fob or the Simplisafe app itself.

Definitely protect your login into your Simplisafe app/web interface!  It really is a Master Login, as much as the Master PIN is.