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When we are home and then open a door and the system is still in Home Mode, no alarm sounds, no beeping on keypad sounds. We assume we need to turn the system off and use our code. Then we use Away Mode and reenter the code to set it as we leave. We asked Customer Support the question, "If someone comes in when it's in Home Mode and no alarm or beep sounds, how are we to know someone has come in?" The answer was confusing. Is it working or is it not?

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Have you checked the sensor settings either on your account Dashboard or the Keypad?  In each Mode, Home or Away, the settings for each device is selected.  Check to see if the sensors in question are set to Alarm.

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Thank-you Will do. One forum I read said to set Away when home at night but make sure no one goes to get a glass of water or something and sets off motion sensor.  That just doesn't make sense to me.

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I have all of my sensors set to Instant Trigger and Alarm in Home Mode.  In Away I have one entry door set with a 30 second delay, the rest are on Instant triggers.  I also have 2 motion detectors in interior rooms that are disabled in Home mode, active in Away mode.

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Thanks so much. JUST found a setting I had missed. Still not sure we're "sold" on the system but will give it a few more months.

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This is my first day with SS. May be this is a dumb question. In any case, what happens if we set the alarm to Home mode during bed time but have to be moving inside where there are Censors. Would our movement inside home trigger the alarm? Or is it only for the intruder from outside trying to gain entry ? Thanks

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Hi nsankara54,


There are no 'dumb questions' here! The Community is here for you as you get to know your system.


So the great thing about Home Mode is that by default, all of you Motion Sensors are disabled. That means you'll be able to walk around inside without triggering an alarm, but Entry and Glassbreak Sensors are still active so your doors and windows would be protected.


You can also go into the Device Settings section of the SimpliSafe app to set up which sensors are active in Home Mode. For example, if you want a Motion Sensor to stay active in your basement, because you rarely go down there at night, you can set it up that way.