Fri, Oct 8, 2021 12:38 AM

how do customers get technical support

we gave been submitting "email' questions for weeks using the online form and never had heard anything back. have out phone battery die when trying to call.

we have SEVERAL issues, including unable to access simplisafe online. can anyone help or should we change vendors?



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Il y a 10 m

@aprilshowers no excuse for SS, but do suggest you pick up the phone and call. While you are at it, if you provide some details on the issues you are having here in the forums possibly a customer can assist you. There are many of us here.

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Il y a 10 m

Thanks for reporting, aprilshowers.

Typically our email teams respond within 24 hours. So there might be a technical issue preventing that communication from happening. I'll be forwarding this to our Customer Service team.

But I agree, we strongly suggest giving us a call at 800-548-9508. Our Support team on the phone can take care of you.

Alternately, if you want to give us a bit more detail about the issues you've been having, we'd be happy to help here as well.

- Johnny M.
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