Sun, Sep 13, 2020 9:28 PM

How do I remove or unpair my keypad?

I'm moving out of the country and selling off most of my possessions, including my original simplisafe system and parts.  I've removed everything from my system via the keypad, but how do I remove or unpair the keypad itself from the base station?  Or are those two devices always linked together?



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You can't remove the keypad just like any other component?  And why bother?  You would always sell the base with the keypad, right?

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No, the system will not allow the removal of the keypad.

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If you still have your Keychain Remote with the USB on the end you may be able to remove the Keypad from your base station using the Easy Setup Wizard. If that's not an option you can give our Support Team a call at 888-910-1458 so that we can remove it remotely for you.

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