Wed, Jan 22, 2020 2:56 PM

How to search support forums?

I'm using firefox as my browser on a PC running Windows 10 (if that matters)

I wanted to search the support forum to see if my question has already been answered, and I don't see any way to search the forum.
Is there a way to search for a specific topic or string in the forums?



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3 y ago

@edtrumbull you can search using a Google site search, or a Google advance search. My favorite is a site search.

For example, questions on SS3 motion sensors and pets? Type the following in your browser address bar:

site: simplisafe.com/forum SS3 motion sensor pet

Please note there is a search tool in the new Help Center.

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3 y ago

It's probably easier to just ask your questions, even if they have been asked before.  Nobody here will mind.