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Fri, Jul 1, 2022 7:13 PM

If you are handy, there is a way to implement remote alarm triggering using only SimpliSafe components...

If you are handy, there is a way to implement remote alarm triggering using only SimpliSafe components, that can be triggered from the app, and that will generate a call from dispatch.

Use the knob on a smart lock to move the magnet of an entry sensor (mounted adjacent to the smart lock) to close and open the sensor and trigger an alarm remotely.  Unlocking an exterior door to trigger an alarm when an exterior threat is present is not a good strategy so a dedicated smart lock not installed on a door might be the better solution albeit somewhat expensive. 

But it is probably no more expensive than implementing a non-SimpliSafe solution and it has the benefit of being fully integrated into your SS system.

The video shows a proof of concept demonstration of the method using heavy wire for the bracket that needs to be fabricated.  The actual bracket would need to be more rigid, but must still be light weight or at least counterbalanced so it doesn't stress the smart lock motor or unlock the door (I originally used more wire in the demo bracket and just this weight was sufficient to turn the knob sufficiently to generate an unlocked notification though not quite enough to completely unlock the lock).  Properly implemented, the bracket would be a frictional fit on the knob and would be easily removable when not in use.

MP4 video won't play and I'm not going to create a YouTube video so I posted a couple of photos showing locked and unlocked positions.  The wire fits snugly and the rubber insulation provides friction so it stays in place really well.  The actual bracket will need to fit similarly.

Name the entry sensor "Remote Alarm".  Set Instant Alarm to ON.  Set Off to Disable, Home to Disable, and Away to "Alarm".

Name the smart lock "Remote Alarm".  Set Auto Lock to Disable, Off Mode to "Do Nothing", Home Mode to "Do Nothing", and Away Mode to "Do Nothing".  Do not sync the entry sensor with the smart lock.

Unlock the smart lock from the app to trigger the alarm (make sure the magnet aligns with the sensor when the smart lock is in the locked position).

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